April 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we can do more as a community to reduce our impact on the Earth.

In all honesty, we need a reality check, a SERIOUS reality check. I find even now, we are still in this disposable, single use way of thinking. My KeepCup broke recently and my first thought was “oh no, now I need to buy a new one” but in reality I don’t. I can buy replacement glass or I can use one of the many we have at home for various family members.

I think it’s just the amount of value we place on material items. At the end of the day it’s just stuff. We should be putting our time and effort and placing value on things that matter. Instead of diving into replacing your last *insert item here* for the next new thing. Focus that energy into something productive.

Have you heard of the new environmental trend hitting social media? It’s called the #trashtag where people show their before and after photos of them cleaning rubbish from beaches, parks etc… as a community we should be focusing on more actions like this! #yayforearth

If you’re wondering, yes I will be replacing my glass for my KeepCup as I use it daily and the others get used in the house. Plus, I felt like I lost a friend as this cup literally goes EVERYWHERE with me. So what I’m trying to say is, only purchase something when you really need to. Opt for click and collect instead of delivery but EVEN better shop second hand or repurpose!

P.s. Sorry this post was riddled with contradictions! I was typing out my train of thought while I went! Take what you will from this post! Hopefully you see where I’m coming from, THANK YOU for reading and have a great day! xx

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