Hey, Hi, Hello!

Hello Eco Warriors, a HUGE thank you for clicking a few extra buttons and making your way over to my page!

If you follow me on Instagram (@makgoeseco) then you know what I am all about, if not, that is a-okay! From my name, yep, you guessed it, I am an Eco Warrior and Eco Influencer. I started my journey roughly 1 year ago but the seed was planted about 4 years ago with the purchase of my first KeepCup. Since then I have been striving to be a better human by helping out Mother Earth whenever I can. I am still in the VERY early stages of my eco journey and I am happy to say I am still learning. This is what I hope this blog will be, a learning and sharing platform for all.

So, if you’re new to the whole Eco thing or if you want to learn some new stuff stick around and have a snoop!

All the best, Mak xx

blonde girl smiling happily at the camera wearing a grey cowboy hat and dark charcoal coloured cotton t-shirt that says "Zero Fox Given" with a picture of a cartoon fox bellow.
This is me by the way 🙂

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